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Poker Aces – how to gamble them

Poker Aces refers to two aces dealt before theflop. It is the strongest possible pre-flop hand inhold'em Poker. But regardless a large number of players end up on the losing end when dealt this hand.

When you're given a pair of Aces, you just don't drop out pre-flop. You are positioned with the greatest possible hand at this part of the game. So how do you bet with Poker Aces ? Do you basically go all-in? I'd say no to that.

Bear in mind, you are looking to acquire as much money out of this strong position. You want to maximize the opportunity. Going all-in will basically drive most gamblers into dropping out and not placing a wager.

If you are in the starting position (1st or second to bet), you will make a single bet. Any person with good cards will call, with luck somebody might raise. If there has been a raise do not hop to re-raise or call, pause for a short while - make them think you're considering your options and then call.

Following the flop your course of action will be to eliminate anybody that might be able to get a straight or a flush. So I would start to raise aggressively, if you are fortunate you'll trick 1 player into thinking that you are bluffing.

If you are in the center or later position (near the last to cast a bet) you'll watch as everyone calls and then raise. Even with you holding a pair of aces, if possible try to avert a show-down. Guard your hand by forcing the other players fold after the flop. If you do not abolish your competitors you chance losing your hand.

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